rejuvenize peel carlsbadRejuvenize Peel

The Rejuvenize Peel, from the SkinMedica brand, is an Allergan-developed peel that is clinically shown to minimize the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation and roughness in texture. With a series of three to five peels, your skin may appear younger and more even, having the same tone throughout with less textural irregularities and inconsistencies in sun spots or dark spots. When received in conjunction with the post-peel regimen, the Rejuvenize Peel Carlsbad can revitalize your facial appearance.*

rejuvenize peel carlsbadWhat’s in the Rejuvenize Peel and Why?

The peel consists of three separate solutions, administered in three distinct steps. The first solution, Prepping Solution, consists of isopropyl alcohol, water and acetone. Designed to dry out the skin, this step is meant to cleanse skin, allowing peeling ingredients the chance to evenly and efficiently penetrate. The second and most important step, Peeling Solution, consists of acids that trigger skin to fall off. Ingredients include denatured alcohol, water, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, resorcinol, malic acid, phytic acid, panthenol and quillaja Saponaria bark extract. Panthenol helps lubricate/moisturize skin while all the acidic agents penetrate skin to slough off skin and encourage a full skin cell cycle. Damaged skin may fall off, while younger skin cells remain intact. The final step, Retinol Solution, is a Vitamin A-derived solution that helps stimulate cellular turnover, triggering the expulsion of dead skin cells. This works synergistically with step #2.

rejuvenize peel carlsbadWho Can Benefit from Rejuvenize Peel?

Anyone who has advanced aging of the skin due to intense sun damage in their earlier years may benefit from the peel. The main concerns the Rejuvenize Peel Carlsbad can address include fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough texture, acne scarring and pigmentation changes (ex. melasma).* If you have dark skin and want to know if the peel can avoid treatment-related pigmentation side effects, start with the Vitalize Peel first. It is more lightweight than the Rejuvenize, which is more suited to treating more severe skin damage. Of course, certain people are not candidates for the peel. If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, this includes you.

What is the Peel Procedure Like?

Before you come in for your peel, you should attend a consultation so we can ensure this peel is the best fit for you. Once we’ve established your candidacy, allot about 45 minutes for the procedure. This allows your comfort so the actual peeling procedure (20 minutes in length) goes smoothly. You should expect to feel mild to moderate tingling or burning sensations. These side effects are to be expected immediately during or after the procedure; they usually pass shortly after application. If you’re feeling uncomfortable during the peel, we can use a fan or cooling agent to help your skin. After the peel, we’ll discuss how you should take care of your skin post-peel. The skin will heal from the procedure, so irritation is normal. Following the post-peel regimen can ensure your skin benefits from the peel without causing you unnecessary discomfort. Use the products accordingly.

What is the Peeling Experience Like?

After your procedure, the next couple of days will look different depending on how your skin reacted to the peel. Your skin may come off in large, thin sheets or tend to flake off in smaller amounts. If your skin was severely damaged, skin may come off in larger flakes. Note that if you don’t see more intense peeling, that doesn’t mean your skin isn’t sloughing off. The Rejuvenize Peel Carlsbad boosts skin cellular turnover, so expect that even light peeling may accompany an improvement in skin tone and texture.*

Does the Peel Require Downtime?

Chemical peels are considered no to low-downtime procedures. They are in-office lunchtime procedures in the sense that you can fit one into your lunch break. You might not want to spend time outside, but you certainly don’t need to avoid social interactions. Some people experience some nervousness about being around people immediately after the peel, when you can expect your skin to have a slightly yellowish tinge and then redness.* However, you don’t need to stay inside for days on end or compromise your day-to-day activities; with the responsible use of sunscreen, you can go about your day as usual.

What are Ways to Protect My Post-Peel Skin?

As you see your skin start to peel, you must take careful measures to protect your sensitive skin. Skin during the post-peel phase is more vulnerable to accumulating damage, so wear and reapply sunscreen diligently. Do not plan any sunny days at the beach until your skin is fully healed, blocking out similar activities for the first week (at minimum). Ask your peel provider at Dr. Frances J Segal and staff for their recommendations on how you should care for skin during this phase.

rejuvenize peel carlsbadHow Do I Maintain Skin Peeling Results?

The best way for you to maintain your results post-peel is to follow a sun-safe, consistent skin regimen day in and day out. That entails wearing sunscreen everyday (no matter how overcast the weather!) and moisturizing skin. Be proactive in preventing or addressing acne if that’s a concern, and get quality sleep. In short, do not accumulate more skin damage, whether scarring or age spots. Your skin will age over time, but you can extend the results of the peel with responsible lifestyle habits. Be sure to consult with a skin care specialist to determine what your skin care regimen should look like.

rejuvenize peel carlsbadWhat Other SkinMedica Peels Does Allergan Offer?

At Dr. Frances J Segal and staff, we are proud distributors of Allergan products/services such as Botox and Juvederm. We want you to choose between chemical peel products so you can get results tailored to your skin’s needs. We also offer non-Allergan chemical peels, such as the Perfect Derma Peel. We don’t recommend more harsh chemical peels for skin with less damage, and we certainly don’t condone peels that are too lightweight on heavily damaged skin. We customize a specific skin care plan to your needs, determining how many repeats you require.


Skin care is not a one-size-fits-all pursuit, and you deserve skin you love. Schedule a consultation now to discuss what chemical peel is right for you!


*All claims, written and unwritten, are not generalizable to any specific patient (individual results will vary). We cannot guarantee results. You must complete a consultation for approval.

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