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The Perfect Peel, formally called the Perfect Derma Peel, is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment. The Perfect Derma Peel has very little discomfort and downtime. If you want a perfect peel Carlsbad, you can count on Dr. Frances J Segal and staff.

perfect peel carlsbad

What is the Perfect Derma Peel?

It is a medical-grade, medium-depth chemical peel by Bella Medical Products that works by shedding dull, damaged layers of skin while triggering new collagen production. It is a safe and effective treatment for aging skin, featuring the powerful antioxidant glutathione.

Who Makes the Perfect Derma Peel?

Bella Medical Products is the creator of Perfect Derma Peel. If you’re a fan or regular consumer of Vi Peel, rejoice knowing that the CEO of Bella Medical Products was the CEO of Vitality Institute Medical Products, which manufactures the very popular Vi Peel. You can trust this peel is just as professional in its results!

What is a Medium-Depth Peel?

A medium-depth peel is one that achieves greater results than a light chemical peel and often contains TCA or acidic elements. It does not require a long downtime. Compared to a deep (phenol) peel, it is safe and more widely applicable. While deep peels may put the heart at risk and are similar to surgery in their downtime, the Perfect Derma Peel is easier to administer, safer for more people and less time-consuming during application and the healing phase.

What are the Perfect Peel Ingredients?

The Perfect Derma Peel contains Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A), Salicylic and Kojic Acids, Phenol, Vitamin C and Glutathione. Each acid is under 12% in concentration.

What is the Antioxidant Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant that has skin-lightening benefits, as well as the general ability to make the skin glow. It is incredibly studied in over 100,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles. If you’re deficient, your skin also lacks it. Glutathione deficiency happens due to factors as diverse as pre-mature aging, infections, stress, artificial sweeteners and antibiotic overuse. Some scientists argue your GSH levels can predict how long you will live. Every cell in the body produces it.

Glutathione may benefit the skin! It acts as cofactor to glutathione peroxidase, which protects against oxidative damage. Damage, which comes from the environment and decisions we make such as diet and sun exposure, can result in aged skin. By getting a peel with glutathione, you are actively supporting skin’s struggle against free-radical damage.

perfect peel carlsbad

What are the Benefits of the Perfect Derma Peel?*

Like some other chemical peels, you can expect improvements in the general look and feel of your skin. With the Perfect Peel, you can expect an improvement in clarity, tone and texture. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation or melasma, you may see less severe coloration. If you have several fine lines and wrinkles, you may see a softening in their appearance. Sun damage may fade, as well as acne scars. The peel may even help to rebalance skin if you suffer from acne. As with any peel, pore appearance will shrink as skin appears more uniform.

How Does the Perfect Peel Contribute to a Better Complexion Down the Line?*

This peel is pretty effective at not only minimizing past skin damage but helping build up skin for better resiliency down the road. The ingredients trigger the production of collagen and elastin, vital proteins in the skin. If you’re concerned getting a chemical peel will strip down layers of skin when you already suffer from thinning skin, your concern is in vain. To the contrary, the peel may help to thicken the dermis.

How Does the Perfect Derma Peel Compare to Other Peels?

The Perfect Derma Peel is easy to administer and a great lunchtime procedure. It may take about 30 minutes for your peel to happen, and pain is kept to a minimum. While some other peels may cause immediate, intense irritation, this peel is more lightweight but not in its impact. The benefits may appear within a week or longer, but repeat procedures may help you achieve the results you desire.

perfect peel carlsbad

Who May Benefit from Perfect Peel?

If you are on your way to vacation, holiday celebrations or a wedding, the Perfect Derma Peel may give your skin the boost it needs to look its best.  If you recently underwent a facelift, you may benefit from the skin rejuvenation from the peel. No matter your skin color, the results will show up beautifully.* The only way to know if you’re a candidate is to come in for a consultation.

What are Side Effects of the Perfect Peel Carlsbad?

As with any chemical peel, you will experience peeling following the procedure. Skin peeling may present as thick, large flakes or a crusty, white-ish film. In any case, do not obsessively scrub or tug at skin to forcibly remove skin. You want the skin to heal properly and do not want to injure any new skin that has formed.

Side effects are temporary and may include redness, darkening, slight swelling, irritation during procedure, itchiness and soreness.* Because of the acidic agents in the peel, you may experience slight stinging and burning sensations. If irritation persists beyond a week or causes extreme discomfort, contact us so we can address your symptoms.

How Many Treatments Does It Require?

To properly benefit from the Perfect Derma Peel, you should follow all relevant instructions such as wearing sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure after receiving it. You don’t want to accumulate additional damage after addressing visible skin damage!  The only way to know the outcome of your peel is time. Your skin will rebuild in the next couple weeks and you may see a different result each day. Know that we usually recommend more than one treatment, spaced so that skin can heal, to ensure optimal results.

How Long To Wait Before the Next Treatment?

We recommend you wait at least a month prior to another application of the Perfect Derma Peel. We want to help your skin, not stress it by placing too much demand on it.

Are you Ready to Consider a Chemical Peel?

If so, we offer several choices! We also offer the SkinMedica Vitalize, Rejuvenize and Illuminize Peels, all products of Allergan (the maker of Botox). Then there is Vi Peel, similar to the Perfect Peel Carlsbad. Come to Aesthetic Laser Specialists for all your dermal needs!


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. You must complete a consultation and medical examination before approval.

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