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Have you been looking in the mirror and noticing signs of aging? Have you observed recent brown spots or fine lines? The aging process can add unwanted features to your skin and your appearance.  Fortunately, there is a very effective solution to these issues with Intense Pulse Light. Everyone ages, but how you age is within your control. Dr. Frances J Segal and her Aesthetic Staff offer IPL Photofacial, a laser-like therapy that rejuvenates the skin, making it look younger and fresher.

What is IPL Photofacial?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, a type of technology that Dr. Segal and her staff use to treat multiple concerns with sking tonal (color) variations. IPL goes by various names IPL, IPL photorejuvenation and IPL photofacial. We use any of several specific handpieces from the Palomar ICON aesthetic platform to perform the treatment. This specific treatment uses a pulsed, broad-band light that is filtered to a set of wavelengths to treat specific conditions. IPL treats a variety of cosmetic concerns, including brown spots, visible capillaries. rosacea, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

How Does IPL Work?

When intense pulsed light hits the skin, skin absorbs it, and heats specific molecules called chromaphores .  Hemoglobin in blood and melanin in the skin are two such chromaphores.  When heated in this way, capillary blood vessels constrict and melanin in the skin is chemically changed so the body starts to reject the tissues. The treatment tricks the dermis into thinking it is damaged and helps stimulate cellular activity to repair. Basically, IPL heats and stimulates the dermis while cooling and preserving the epidermis. The effect is a decrease in redness, brown spots and other conditions.

What Areas does IPL Treat?

IPL can treat multiple areas. IPL treatments can also remove hair and brighten up the skin (if hair removal is your goal, check out our laser hair removal system instead). Since it is often used on the face, intense pulsed light therapy is also known as IPL Photo Rejuvenation. The areas IPL  can treat include the following:

  • Face*
  • Neck*
  • Decollete*
  • Shoulders*
  • Back*
  • Arms*
  • Hands*

ipl photofacial carlsbad ipl photofacial carlsbad
*Individual Results will vary

What Conditions Can IPL Treat?

IPL Photofacial Carlsbad can treat a litany of facial/body concerns originating in the skin. Here are a few skin issues IPL Photorejuvenation treats:

  • Redness
  • Large, Visible Pores
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Aged Skin
  • Damaged Skin
  • Brown Spots, Age Spots, Freckles & Other Hyperpigmentation

If you’re considering receiving IPL treatments to treat a condition such as rosacea or hyperpigmentation, you’ve found a great treatment. Unlike fractional laser therapy, an IPL photofacial can be a more gentle, yet effective treatment. Some people compare the treatment to erasing any imperfections on the skin, even if slightly. The purpose of this treatment is to return skin to a singular tone.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

When you come in for your appointment, you will wear protective eyewear. If needed, we will administer a numbing agent gel to control discomfort.  The tips of our handpieces are chilled and applied to the treated area to protect skin from burning. Then, you will witness small pulses of light applied to your skin as the practitioner moves the handpiece over the treated area.

The sensation you can expect is similar to a small rubber band snapped against your skin. It is warm and may be slightly uncomfortable. Pain is rare, and we can accommodate you with an ice pack to minimize any excessive discomfort. Tell the practitioner at any time if the sensation becomes hard to tolerate.

ipl photofacial carlsbadWhat are Benefits of the Procedure?

Are you looking to treat the superficial signs of sun damage or even genetic conditions such as melasma? Rejoice that benefits extend beyond these corrections! IPL is principally used to address skin tonal variations in the skin surface – brown (sun or aging) spots, redness, visible capillaries, and excess vasculature.  Additionally, downtime is minimal and may incur little inconvenience in the person receiving the treatment.

How Long Do Results Take To Show Up?

Depending on the condition and treatment, the results can be visible in as little as and hour up to about two weeks.

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Have you been wanting to rejuvenate your skin? Dr. Frances Segal  offers a treatment that will not only refresh your skin but will also make you feel and look younger. IPL PhotoFacial is a treatment that can treat multiple body concerns. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this laser therapy or any other treatment offered at Aesthetic Laser Specialists, contact us today!

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