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Many people experience the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin texture related changes as they age.  Additionally, some events like surgeries and accidents leave scars and other rough skin surfaces. Many facial creams and scrubs try to improve the appearance of these types of conditions, however, they do not penetrate deeply into the skin and have limited effectiveness.  Fractionated Erbium lasers (sometimes referred to by a common trade name Fraxel®, which is a device manufactured by Solta Medical) are different.  Dr. Frances Segal and her Aesthetic Staff, offers a Cynosure Palomar Icon that provides fractional laser treatments. This unique laser uses a special type of technology which treats different facial imperfections and helps you have younger and healthier-looking skin!

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What Exactly is the Laser Procedure?

The ICON uses a laser technology that helps not only decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but lessen the appearance of acne scars, some pigmentation and sun damage. Cynosure calls this technology the ThreeForMe™ Laser Treatment, which addresses three primary skin concerns: wrinkles, sun damage and facial veins. Fractionated lasers deliver laser energy to minimize the appearance of these skin ailments. In addition to these skin problems, this laser can lessen the look of facial pigmentation, scars and even stretch marks.

A Four-Step Process

During your Fractional laser treatment, you will experience four steps.

  1. We will use a laser hand piece that scans your skin for consistency and safety, to minimize side effects.
  2. Fractional lasers penetrate skin into the dermis.
  3. Fractional light energy stimulates collagen.
  4. Your skin rejuvenates itself, so you witness smoother/less visible wrinkles and scars.

What is the Treatment Like?

During your procedure, the nurse will hold a handheld device over your treatment areas. After the laser light enters the skin, the light energy stimulates collagen production. In turn, your skin begins to generate new collagen growth.* As she heats your skin, you may feel a slight tingling or burning sensation. This is normal. She will talk you through the procedure as necessary and ensure you are comfortable throughout. Since the heat triggers collagen to grow, Fractionated Laser Cynosure/Palomar Icon  helps smooth out wrinkles and decreases the appearance of scars and other texture imperfections.*

How is a Fractionated Laser Treatment Different Than IPL?

Fractionated laser treatments create more pronounced results than IPL for texture concerns. Unlike IPL, this laser skin resurfacing procedure is great at removing more extensive sun or age-related damage.  Fractionated lasers are very effective on minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, surface scarring, sun damage, AKs and age spots. Whether you want to roll back the years or diminish the visible signs of sun damage, you can discover a younger version of your skin with the help of fix body group.

How Does the Fractionated Laser Compare to Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are low cost with short downtime. They require regular maintenance and only create moderate transformation. Of course, depending on your treatment goals, this option may be better. However, Fractionated lasers offers moderate treatment cost, short downtime, long-lasting results and significant improvement in skin quality. If you’re really looking to see results, a fractionated laser resurfacing treatment may be exactly what you need.

fraxel carlsbadWhat Can this Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure Treat?

This laser can treat multiple facial conditions such as:*

  • Wrinkles and fine lines, such as crow’s feet and frown lines
  • Acne, acne scars and other facial scarring
  • Pigmentation, such as dark spots or melasma
  • Sun damage
  • A common pre-cancerous skin condition named actinic keratosis

How Long is the Fractionated laser Procedure?

Depending on the problem area and the client, the treatments may take between 15 to 45 minutes. Fractionated lasers focus on the specific problem areas, because those are the areas that benefit from intervention. Depending on the severity of your concern, you may need more than one treatment session.*

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What to Expect After the Laser Treatment

Depending on the patient, results will vary. Since the procedure is working with your own skin cells, the results may begin to show between a week to three weeks later. Some patients see results after their first treatment while others may not see results until after their fifth treatment.

Important Note: Some patients claim to feel a light sunburn after the treatment, which indicates your skin is healing. If you feel anything worse, please contact your doctor right away.*

Are There any Side Effects?

Depending on the patients, there may be some possible side effects such as:

  • Redness*
  • Swelling*
  • Oozing*
  • Wound healing may take longer than anticipated*
  • Scarring*
  • Scabbing*
  • Infection*
  • Acne flare-up*

Does it Damage Skin?

Fractionated lasers use a technology called fractional photothermolysis to employ thousands of miniscule laser columns to treat a fraction of skin at a time and preserve surrounding skin. The laser resurfacing treatment helps replace damaged skin with healthier tissue. When used properly, Fractional lasers do not cause significant overall damage to skin.

Get Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin Today.

Have you been wanting to decrease the appearance of either wrinkles, acne scars or other facial imperfections? Our Fractionated Laser Cynosure/Palomar Icon which is offered at Dr. Frances Segal and the Aesthetic Staff might be the treatment you are looking for!  If you have any questions or concerns regarding Fractional lasers or any other treatments at Aesthetic Laser Specialists, please contact us today! We look forward to meeting you!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. You must complete a consultation and medical examination before approval.


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