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“I feel she is exceptionally talented and knowledgeable when it comes to both evaluating patients and administering the treatments.  Our patients have been very well satisfied by her treatments as well as her calm, contentious demeanor.  […]  Kyndra has my highest recommendation.” –  Dr. Jeffrey Rosenberg, M.D.

Kyndra L. McKinney, BSN

At Dr. Frances Segal, MD and the Aesthetic Specialists on her staff we want to provide the absolute best care for our patients. We have an exceptionally talented laser nurse on our team: Kyndra L. McKinney.

Kyndra is a Senior RN with 20 years of nursing experience. She has served as Vice President of Nursing at RN Specialist for 5 years. Her years of experience also include 7 years at Scripps Clinic Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology Center for Dr. E. Victor Ross.

Kyndra is the head of nursing for RN Specialist. Throughout Southern California, she has performed about 1500 procedures per year for different physicians. Kyndra also has managing experience, she has managed offices that have 6 nurses, who treat 60 laser patients per day.

Kyndra is unique because she has helped and directed pre-market research, testing and evaluated programs, especially for newly developed laser and systems for dermatology treatments. Because of her determination she is preferred by key OEM manufacturers for consultation and training. Kyndra stands out from the rest because she has experience in the clinical field, she has commitment to safety and she does high-quality patient care.


  • Cynosure/Palomar ICON
  • Miramar Labs MiraDry
  • Candela GentleMax Laser
  • Candela AlexTrivantage Laser
  • Palomar Aspire System SlimLipo
  • Cynosure Smartlipo & Laser Lipolysis System
  • Ra Medical Pharos Ex-308 Excimer Laser

Kyndra has the following treatment experiences:

  • Palomar Starlux, 500 Series
  • Candela V-Beam
  • Lumenis Light Sheer DUET and Diode
  • PhotoMedex OmniLux
  • PhotoMedex XTRAC Velocity Excimer Laser
  • UltraPulse Active FX Fractional
  • Fraxel Duet
  • Sciton ProFractional
  • Pearl
  • Gemini
  • Cutera Pro Wave
  • Titan
  • Yag
  • Versapulse
  • UltraPulse
  • Solis, Fractora
  • E-Prime
  • DEKA
  • Venus Erbium
  • MedLite C6

Physician Recommendations

Kyndra has worked for multiple physicians which is why they have nothing but respect for what she has shown them, their patients and the industry.  Don’t believe us keep reading!

“After watching Kyndra treat my patients […], I believe she is just as cautious and probably more experienced than I am in this area.  I have complete confidence in her abilities and technical expertise.  She prioritizes patient safety, is very meticulous in her treatments and documentation, and at the same time is able to focus and adjust treatments, based on extensive experience, to get the best results.” Dr. Darren Farnesi, M.D.

“Kyndra has been working for our practice for over a year now.  I trust her clinical judgement implicitly.  My staff enjoys working with her and she is very easy-going.  Her down-to-earth demeanor is a pleasure.  Most importantly, my patients love her!”  Dr. Jennifer Keagle, M.D.

“Kyndra has demonstrated high levels of technical expertise, integrity and professionalism, as well as a pleasant manner with our patients.  Her attention to detail and prioritization of patient safety has been evident with every appointment and every procedure.” Dr. Michael Tabibian, M.D.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Kyndra McKinney, RN without hesitation.” Mary Anne O’Connell, RN, Director of Facial Aesthetics, Harvard Eye Associates

Customer Testimonials

Not only does Kyndra have physicians speaking highly about her, she has customers as well.

“I have been pleased with the results of my laser treatments with Kyndra. They offer a wide range of services, 2 of which I have used- for wrinkles and fine lines and brown spots, both procedures showing noticeable improvement. My skin looks smoother and more even.  ​Kyndra is friendly, very professional and knowledgeable. I have and would recommend them to my friends.”

– Brenda D.

So, you think your skin looks wrinkled and you have lines or dark spots, or red spots.   You need to know that Kyndra has the expertise to improve your skin! Or you may think your skin looks good, but believe me, Kyndra will make it look better than you ever thought it could!  I have been under Kyndra’s professional care and the other day (out of the blue) my husband said to me, “You don’t look 74!”  My special thanks to my friend and miracle worker, Kyndra!  She uses the latest laser available today. She has the knowledge and experience to know exactly what to do.  Just trust her and wait to see your amazing results!

– Connie F.

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